International flights land in Chingiss Khaan Airport of Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia. There are several major frequent flights such as Beijing to UB, Seoul – UB, Moscow – UB, Bishkek/Istanbul – UB and Tokyo – UB. All the flight are operated due to seasonal schedule.


An international train to Mongolia is a trans-Mongolia railway that starts from Moscow, passes through Mongolia and ends in Beijing. It also works in reverse direction. This is very famous railway journey for those who are traveling in short period and to see more of these 3 different countries.


Toyota Land Cruiser – 80, 100, 105 series are the best-known qualified 4×4 SUVs for Mongolian highway and off-beaten tracks. It has 5 people seat loads 350kg in the trunk. Comfortable and air-conditioned cars.
Delica Minivan – these Japanese cars have 6 people seat with air-conditioned system. The quality is good in dirt road and long driving in highways.
Furgon Minivan – A Russian military car has 8 people seat with no air-conditioning. But still one of the main transportation cars is Furgon. It is fun to take a seat in the car.


Hotels – 3 to 5 star hotels are available in Ulaanbaatar. Motels and 3 star hotels are available in big or small towns in the remote areas Guesthouses – There is a wide variety of guesthouses and hostels in Ulaanbaatar. They mostly provide free breakfast, 24hours wi-fi, kitchen and tourist information.
Ger camps – The main accommodation for travellers is a set of Mongolian traditional dwellings that has a separate restaurant, proper toilets and shower rooms. Depending on the location and features, ger camps offer different types of service and products.
Family stays – We work with many local nomadic families throughout the whole country. From the desert to the great lakes, these nomads are always very hospitable to visit and stay with.


Mongolian climate can be described as highly continental dominated climate with warm summers and long, dry and very cold winters. The country averages 257 cloudless days a year, and it is usually at the centre of a region of high atmospheric pressure. The average temp in summer is 15°C, in winter -22.3°C.


Traditional Mongolian typical food is fried or cooked mutton with some garlic and onions. As well as we eat diaries and heavy meal seasonally due to our radical climate of cold long winter and hot dry summer. But in the city we eat beef, many types of vegetables, rice and flour with many ingredients. Nowadays our food culture is becoming more diverse and you can easily find international food restaurants in cities.